TOEFL iBT Practice Test Online

The following site is a good preparation resource. It contains a free preview and example of each section of the test. You can also pay a fee for complete access to the site as well as feedback from instructors.



Subscribe to TOEFLtv channel. It will provide you with answers to many of your TOEFL iBT questions. Please start here then look at more specific question areas below. I hope this helps!

TOEFL IBT Overview: Here you will find a general overview of what is on the test. Each section is detailed separately below (This prezi is not meant to help you prepare, it’s just to let you know what to expect)

TOEFL ibt quick prep guidebook:

1. Reading Preparation prezi. This presentation will help you understand the basic structure of the reading section of the TOEFL iBT exam. It will also provide you with advice on how to understand and answer the questions provided on the test.

This is a link to a iBT reading practice test that you can do completely online. Try completing it during your commute to and from school.

2. Listening overview and skill building. This prezi will make you familiar with the structure of the listening section of the test. It will also help you develop skills for approaching the listening section and strengthening your abilities in this domain.


Online listening practice part 1

Online listening practice part 2

3. Speaking Preparation prezi.This presentation will aquaint you with all of the basic elements of conversation covered on the iBT test. It will also give you skills necessary to build confidence in your abilities.

Here is a link to ONE video meant to help you prepare for the conversation section. There are different videos for ALL elements of the iBT test

Here is another website FULL of great speaking examples. Familiarize yourself with them and it will save you time and energy on the actual test.

4. Integrated writing preparation.

Here is the Prezi I will use during our seminar to help you prepare. But there really is no way to prepare to Writing except by WRITING!

Here is a video and youtube channel that talks about the TOEFL iBT in general Writing Section General Videos for all areas

Here is the Prezi I will use during our seminar to help you prepare. But there really is no way to prepare to Writing except by WRITING!

Full practice test

Writing section listening file

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Online Writing Question 1 Practice

Guide for TOEFL iBT skills

5.: We will review and finish any areas that have not yet been fully covered. This is a link to a FULL pre-test

And finally, some inspiration!