Week 7 Final Project

Citations and avoiding plagiarism


This week you will complete a final paper that demonstrates your ability to

  1. identify an interesting topic of debate
  2. understand and summarize that topic
  3. give a clear opinion with supporting reasons for your point of view

These skills are critical to your success as a college students and will likely be the foundation of any tasks you will have to complete in the future. In fact, some majors in the humanities and liberal arts are completely doing away with testing because tests are good at showing memorization but not critical thinking. In this paper, you will show me your ability to think for yourself and communicate clearly. Try to enjoy this time and your topic.

  • The final paper should be typed and turned in on the day of the final exam.
  • You should also turn in your journal on this day. Please be sure that it is well organized and contained in a notebook or file.

Paper Format

  • 12 point Times New Roman Font
  • Left Centered Text
  • 1.5 (double if using american software) space between lines
  • Indent (tab) the beginning of each topic
  • Clearly state your topic and possibly the source you are using in the first line of your summary
  • No longer than one page of text
  • Name and class clearly written in the top left corner

You can use any credible source as the focus of your study. In the syllabus, I suggested that students use websites like Vice.com Ted.com and TedEd.com because they have subtitles and extra information for the viewer. You are free to use any good sources that you find (wikis, blogs, and reddit are not good sources).

Sadly, I forgot to mention one of my favorite sources in class, the youtube channel “The Schools of Life” created and supported by philosopher, Alain De Botton


Here’s a topic I would love for you to consider

Here are a few of his Ted Talks


Another useful youtube channel, RSA Animate, can be found here


John Lloyd on Knowledge



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