Week 4 and 5: Forming Opinions

We will continue analyzing news items in order to develop clear and focused opinions about them. We will then examine the structure of an outline paragraph and you will choose one of the topics viewed in class to write a ONE PARAGRAPH opinion response to.




The Worst Internship In the World

Playing with Nuclear Fire

Anti Nuke Political Art

The French Terrorist Attacks

The Experience Machine



1. Which philosopher created the experience machine thought experiment?
2. According to Hedonism, what is the best thing in life?
3. Describe what happens when you use the experience machine
4. Can you think of any bad points about a machine that gives you constant pleasure?
5. Do you agree with the idea that pleasure is the greatest thing in life? If you don’t agree, why not?


Week Three

Due to the fact that we are not using the textbook as a primary source of class material, we are going to approach the syllabus a bit differently. First we will complete a summary on the Andy Puddicombe lecture provided below.

“All it takes is ten mindful minutes”

Writing a Summary


In class assignment


Peer Editing



Once the summary is complete, we will watch one of the following VICE documentaries, summarize it, AND write our reaction to the problem.



A guide to Epictetus


Sidebar on Joseph Campbell



WIT Week 1 and 2

Cornell Notes


“All it takes is ten mindful minutes”

Writing a Summary


Books you may enjoy 

Dear Nobody






344 questions


English 10 Advanced English Strategies

Term 3 1/7-2/26

7 week course

Meets the university remediation requirement. Introduces strategies that ease transition to college reading and writing. Assists multilingual students with paraphrasing, summarizing, and essay writing; helps them build academic reading strategies. Credit cannot be used toward the linguisitics major or minor.

Keith Morrison

TEXTBOOK: Great Paragraphs 2

OTHER MATERIALS REQUIRED: Journal this should be a collection of pages collected in one file to be turned in at the end of the semester.

GRADING TIERS: It is difficult to estimate a person’s performance based on points and percentages so you will create your own grade by fulfilling the course level requirements below

1. A Level : Attend all classes (or have a valid excuse for not attending). Turn in a complete writing journal. Participate actively in class by completing assignments 2/2 AND 3/3 optional homework assignments (I will check homework at the end of each unit). Turn in an edited, double-spaced, typed final essay with a reference list (to be discussed in class).

2. B Level : Absent no more than two times. Turn in a writing journal. Participate actively in class by completing assignments 2/2 AND 2/3 optional homework assignments. Turn in a double-spaced and edited, hand written final essay.

3. C Level : Absent no more than two times. Turn in a writing journal. Participate actively in class by completing assignments 1/2 AND 1/3 optional homework assignments. Turn in an edited and hand-written final essay.

This is only an estimation and it will probably change as we get further into the class and I get a sense of your abilities and general English level. The most important things in this course are learning how to 1. paraphrase a text or presentation 2. summarize a point of view 3. express an opinion about that point of view.


Attendance is required for all classes and will be taken into consideration when your final grade is determined. Your grade may be lowered for excessive absence and/or you may fail the class if your absence is in excess of 25%, which is official Kanda school policy.


1. Introduction: I will use the first week of the course to see how comfortable everyone is with writing and the textbook. Please bring your books and journals to the initial classes

Text Chapter: Process and analysis paragraphs 121-127, homework 132-133

Key Points: Topic Sentences, supporting facts and details, logical order.

2-3 Descriptive Writing: During this section of class we will focus on using descriptive writing to show your impression of a text using sensory words and phrases.

Text Chapter: Descriptive paragraphs135-144, homework 145-153

Key Points: adjectives, prepositions of place, summarizing a text

4-5 Forming Opinions: During these two weeks we will focus on forming opinions regarding topics explored in the class. You are advised to visit websites like ted.com, vice.co.jp, and teded.com in order to find topics your are interested in exploring yourselves.

Text Chapter: Opinion paragraphs 162-173, homework 174-175

Key Points: textual opinion and writer’s opinion, understanding and using facts, presenting multiple sides of an argument

Assignment 1: Summary Paragraph

6-7 We will use the final two weeks of the course to review and to prepare your final assignments.

Text Chapters: Paragraphs in an Essay: Putting it all together and Writer’s Handbook

Key Points: word processing, editing, citations, references

Assignment 2: Opinion paragraph

8 Final Exam Week: The final assignment for this course will illustrate your ability to summarize a point of view and describe your own opinion of it. You will be required to write a two paragraph essay (10-12 sentences) that both describes a text and states your opinion of that text. This will be explained further in class. The final paper is mandatory. The instructor will give details on final exam coverage prior to the last week of class. The time and day scheduled will be posted on the 5 th floor bulletin board before exam week.