Week 11




Eng 10

  • Type your paper using the sample paper in your text book as a reference.
  • TYPE FIRST, edit and format SECOND
  • Aim for 5-8 paragraphs. More does not equal better. Say what you want to as clearly and concisely as possible.
  • After you finish writing, edit your paper to APA format and create your reference page. ONLY references that you actually used in your paper should be on this page.
  • Class time will be dedicated to finishing the paper and personal consultations

Eng 20

Overview of themes in Brave new world 


We have a lot to cover this week. Bring your texts to class.

Final exam essay questions. CHOOSE ONE. Note books, outlines, dictionaries, and textbooks are ok!
5 paragraph essay using sources from class

1. How can philosophy save Brave new world? use specific examples of philosophy you learned in this course to combat the problems in Huxley’s future. What philosophical approach is best o overcoming BNW? Which could possibly be used to make the world worse?

2. What are Mustapha Mond’s arguments against freedom? Is there any validity to them? Do you think there is a “winner” of his debate with John?

3. It seems undeniable that most World State members are happy, though people like John, Bernard, and Helmholtz might criticize the quality of their lives. What, then, is wrong with World State society? Discuss the relationship between truth and happiness, and the use of soma?

4. Is John really more free than the World State members? How is he conditioned in his own way?



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