Week 5+6 Research outlines and references, transcendentalism and dystopias

English 10 APA Format, citing, and references

BOOKMARK or DOWNLOAD the following prezi because you will be able to use it countless times in your future. It contains all of the necessary information regarding APA writing style:



  • Choose one or two sections of your outline and go more deeply into them. The purpose here is to answer your own questions about a particular major, university, career, or life-plan. By the end of the outline, you should be able to provide clear reasons for the choices you are making in regards to your near future.
  • View at least one of the tedtalks from the following playlist and take notes. It is important that you gather sources that support your goals and claims. Be sure to avoid plagiarism by providing proper citation.
  • This outline should not be a group of simple questions. It should contain one general question and an abundance of details answering that question.
  • Again, be sure to collect information on sources used such as website, title, author, speaker, date, page number or minute mark

2. Shawn Anchor, “The Happier Secret to Better Work”

English 20 American Transcendentalism and the conclusion of Fahrenheit 451


Poems and Quotes


 Second Transcendentalism Prez


Odds and Ends


2. Secondary APA Source (I used this in previous classes)


4. A teacher’s guide to transcendentalism

Interlude: Week Four

Today we only have two goals:

1. In English 10 (composition) I will ask you all to present a typed outline of questions you’ve investigated regarding your future. It would be best if you also cited your sources.

2. In English 20 (literature) I will ask you all to share your notes on “Brave New World” so far. I especially want you to consider the five points mentioned in the silver week outline I have you during week 3. We will then question how these themes fit into our own lives in the modern world.

These assignments are considered participation grades. In order to get a ‘B’ grade in the courses you must complete these two outlines.

Week 3


This week we will talk about frustration, choosing the right major or career, and outline a plan for researching possible careers or majors

Here is a prezi on outlines brought to us by the research website,


We will finish our discussion of Fahrenheit 451 and ask whether or not Bradbury’s fictional world is “just” in regards to Plato’s concept of justice. We will contrast Platonic Justice with the idea of just society as it was raised by Jeremy Bentham in his Utilitarian Philosophy.


Here is a wonderful playlist of TEDTalks about finding the right career field. We will only view one (maybe two if there is time) so please feel free to check them out on your own.