TOEFL IBT Overview and Speaking test practice

In our lectures on Monday and Tuesday, we will overview each type of question in the speaking section of the TOEFL iBT exam and practice skills for creating effective answers.

TOEFL Speaking Prezi

This site should be one that you return to again and again, as it allows you to actually see real examples of speaking questions and practice them on your PC or Smartphone

The following powerpoint clearly indicates the methods of grading TOEFL IBT speaking tests, but we probably will not use this in class. Check it out in your free time.

TOEFL Speaking Overview TOEFL iBT Speaking Introduction

This is a Youtube channel that covers ALL areas of TOEFL, you should choose one video to view on your own each night at home. TOEFL TV

Here is another useful youtube channel to help with various TOEFL questions

This prezi is a very detailed overview of each section of the test. I will not be with you for the entire week, so please view it in your own time when possible. It is quite detailed, so it may be difficult to navigate on your own.

TOEFL IBT Overview


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