Week 11


This week I will give you all some time to investigate ted talks, vice documentaries, or journeyman pictures that will serve as the focus of your research paper. We will also go over an in class handout that will prepare you for the final paper. Following that we will create a thesis statement, outline, and overview APA style writing. We have a lot to do in the next three weeks so please be present as much as possible and if you are not able to attend, make sure you catch up by viewing the prezi’s here.

Writing a thesis statement

An overview of APA style

Here is a general prezi on writing research papers. I would like you guys to understand the process of making an outline for a research question. We will then work on the outline itself in class next week.


Ideas for the research paper taken from
Eng 10 Final Paper

We have already focused on two internally based models of development, so now we will look at the individual’s experience of “self”, the social roles we play, and more recent developmental theories.


We will also explore more more psychological method of observing and understanding development: Existential Analysis


Our final exam will be an essay giving a general overview of what you learned in the class. You will use your notebooks, choose one or two topics that were useful to your understanding of your own personal development, and explain what they are amd how they relate to you.



This week will continue to examine the concept of “Self” in terms of the literature we have read so far. Gregor Samsa wakes up in a new body and thinks human thoughts, but is he still the same person he was before. Imagine that in 10 years teleportation machines have become the new and cool way to travel. You can get pretty much anywhere in no time at all and it is really cheap.

People begin using these machines pretty regularly and the world gets even smaller because we can go anywhere in a moment. Long distance jobs are no longer an issue, there is no such thing as a long distance romance because!

Unfortunately, about 18 months into the teleportation boom, a philosopher who was always critical of the project came forward with a new attack on this technology. He claimed that because of the fact that in order to teleport something, all of its parts must be taken apart, shot through space, and then reassembled. His argument was that teleporters are essentially murdered at point A then a new individual is put together with their body and concept of identity. What do you think of that? Would you use teleportation technology? Is the person who teleported still him or her self? Or are they something new? Is there an essence or soul that creates continuity in life?

6 months later, there is another development in the story: a teleporter travelling from Tokyo to New York City with his family was somehow duplicated by the teleporter!. I entered one machine and appeared in NYC as normal, but as he saw his wife get out of her pod, she fainted. Looking over his shoulder, he saw that there was another “him” exiting another teleportation pod. There was a malfunction and somehow the same person was recreated at both places! Both men claim to be the original and have all of the memories of the original traveller.

Again, would you use teleportation technology? How can we understand two people with exactly the same memories and sense of identity? Are they somehow BOTH the individual? Or is one a ‘fake’?

The Transporter problem https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ajl7WjXIIK0
The Ship of Theseus

Symbols in The Metamorphosis https://prezi.com/xiatlrxgqsyr/copy-of-the-metamorphosis-by-franz-kafka/

Socrates Immortal Soul


David Hume and Identity



EXTRA PREZI on Archetypes in Metamorphosis



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