Please remember that the midterm has been cancelled in favor of a final paper based on the identification of a social problem, and a personally proposed solution to that problem. You should use resources such as the text book, readings from any of our classes, and the VICE.COM news channel in order to present a coherent and well informed paper. We have already looked at the issues of literacy and its connection to socialisation of ISIS fighters.Please browse the the Vice Japan Youtube Channel in order to find social issues that are of interest to you if you do not yet have any ideas.

https://www.youtube.com/user/VICEjpch This week we will view at least two of the videos below in order to more deeply understand some problems originating in Asia that affect us all even if we do not notice them

This video looks at the hidden problem of what is essentially government sponsored slavery here in Japan and it’s connections to the upcoming 2020 olympics

The Worst Internship Ever: Japan’s Labor Pains

From Sex Worker to Seamstress: The High Cost of Cheap Clothes

Anti-Nuke Political Art https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hI4pBzXhmUg An Introduction to the ideas of Richard Miller’s “Dark night of the soul” https://prezi.com/ul1_fmgdyozd/group-powerpoint-on-meditative-


We will continue our study of Carl Jung and his alternative approach to psychotherapy. There is a lot of information contained within the lectures below and it will be impossible for us to get to them all, so understand that there may be a lot of information we are unable to cover this week. Please begin preparing to learn about Jung by reading the blue handout I gave everyone about him and his theory. It is short and simple. Read it, look up new terms, and make notes in your notebooks.I have also given you a comic that outlines the essential points of Carl Jung’s life, thoughts and work. All of the Prezi’s below are helpful in understanding Jung, but we will mainly focus on the first one. If you find it interesting, then look at the other ones on your own time  😉

1. Below you will find an excellent prezi on the man and his thought.


2. We will also use this prezi to illustrate differences between Freud and Jung.


3. And we will use this one only for it’s beautiful quote


Here is a book that might be useful to you if you find Jung interesting and want to know more.


Celebrity Psychological Types http://www.celebritytypes.com/infj.php

The test http://www.humanmetrics.com/cgi-win/jtypes2.asp

writing-and-its-consequences/ Archetypes https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HaivpNssqVA

The Self Archetype


Here is a super short prezi introducing the philosophical framework we will be working in the next two weeks  https://prezi.com/e36stynjbyqa/copy-of-existentialism-and-absurdism/

In order to have a discussion this week, you MUST read the story. We will be discussing this next week as well. The story is very common place, but also magical, and ridiculous. But if you do not read it, we cannot talk about it. Here is a link to the text in Japanese thanks to Ryo!


Here is an English version of the book that you can LISTEN to

Here is one of the prezi’s we will be using to understand Kafka’s life and writing.


A really funny guy with a really good description of the story https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_E9aOuf6eI8

An illustrated review in order to make it easier to understand

A really awesome place to start looking at questions and answers:

Alan Watts and Juddu Krishnamurti


A great playlist with Japanese subtitles


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