Here is a link to the My Forest App we discussed in class

Here is a link to a podcast application that makes radio stations based on information you enjoy.

Also, a VERY IMPORTANT video about the importance of sleep.

PLEASE READ FULLY AND CAREFULLY create a FREE account at . It is a website for mp3 books that you download and listen to on your phone. When you sign up with a NEW account (you can’t use an account you’ve already created) you get to choose ANY free audio book! You will NEVER be charged money by audible. And if  you later decide to buy another book, you can return it to the site and get your money back anytime (for one whole year).

It is IMPORTANT TO SIGN UP TODAY because audible is having a sale on “The Great Courses” Teaching series of lectures. These are usually VERY expensive (about 4000-8000 yen). The are COMPLETE, one semester CLASSES by a famous professor on many different topics such as:



Economic Psychology

Great books that can change your life





and many many more

These books are currently 6.95$ for a 12 hour complete college-level lecture course. This is like going to college for only 7$ per semester!!! So please sign up and buy a few classes today. The sale ends at 12pm tomorrow, so you have to do it ASAP

I suggest that you DON’T use your free book credit (audible gives you one when you sign up for a lecture course. It’s probably better to use it on a more expensive book and a topic that you are interested in. For example you could buy the HARRY POTTER books,

OR EVEN BETTER, you could buy this book

“The Ultimate Harry Potter and Philosophy” which teaches you about the hidden meanings in the Harry Potter books!

I also suggest “The Metamorphosis” by Franz Kafka (The next story we will read for ENG 20, you could start studying now!)

of “Carl Jung: A very Short Introduction” which teaches you about this great thinker in psychology.

Or any of these other great courses in psychology

Or  “10% Happier: How I Tamed the Voice in My Head, Reduced Stress Without Losing My Edge, and Found a Self-Help That Actually Works”


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