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According to the world health organization, depression is the most dangerous health condition in Japan. It harms more people each year than heart problems, radiation, or cancer. So it is an important thing for us to understand and get support for if we know someone who suffers from depression.

It does NOT make the depressed person abnormal it is simply a fact of life that must be lived with. Here are a few informative videos to help you understand this concept in personal life and in Developmental Psychology (CFS)

What People with Depression want you to Know”

“I had a black dog, its name was depression”

Toward a new understanding of mental illness

A brief history of melancholy



Continue Reading Freire. Also, research him on wikipedia and youtube so you develop your own understanding of his ideas and work. Understand the vocabulary oppressor oppressed praxis 

Developmental Psychology

Read the section of your text book about Sigmund Freud (57-59). Research his life and work on wikipedia and youtube. Also, define the words conscious, unconscious, ego, super-ego, and Id. If you are interested in the manga series Evangelion (I am sorry, I do not know anything about it…), then you should really enjoy this site because it uses the show’s characters and themes to explain Freud’s difficult psychological concepts.


Reread Araby for understanding (or look it up on, wikipedia. or youtube). Also read pages 10-15 of the text What is knowledge? Lastly, look up the four parts of a Plot in Japanese and record it in your note book.

Please record all new words and ideas in your notebooks.

***Write a one page summary (one paragraph for each class) of what you have learned in my classes during the last two weeks. This is not a test, I just want to see what you know.




Speaking Part One


Speaking Part two


Listening AND speaking


Listening Only


Reading Strategies


A youtube channel dedicated to the test!

Week 2

I asked you all to let me know how you are feeling about classes in the first week. Almost everyone brought up the same difficulties, so it is important to know that you are not alone in your feelings!.


The most common question was about reading texts which we will address in our writing class this week using the SQ3R method and completing the following prezi on college course reading.


I am also hoping to get to Paolo Freire’s Banking Concept of Education this week so please begin reading it and bring your Ways of Reading book to class. An overview of the text and class notes can be found here

Overview of Freire–l/copy-of-pedagogy-of-the-oppressed/

Banking concept of education


We will pause in our discussion of what we can know this week in order to visit the story Araby. Please refer to videos from last week’s post for aid in understanding.

The lecture is here

This website is always useful for understanding literature. Look up Araby here.

You will have an in class evaluation of your understanding of the story. Please contact me if you were absent! (2219) (2009) (2208)


We will continue exploring the 3(4) areas of development, the two methods of observing development in these areas, and interventions to promote positive growth.

Simple Overview

Deep Overview


1.  Define abnormal developments in the three domains

2. Offer positive interventions for each abnormality

3. Write what you think the positive outcomes with be

The Black Dog from WHO

What do we Really Know? Changing habits of thought

In all of our classes so far, the question of what we actually know about life, the universe, and everything else is our primary question. We must overcome our personal and cultural patterns of habitual thinking, and refine them with ever more beautiful and elegant theories of how things work. Here is an example of how this works

The Helical Model of the Universe

Dr James Gates on computer code at the foundation of our reality

Mood Music