Linguistics Week 2: Marshmallows, the importance of willpower, and logical order of text

This week we will be using unit 4 of the text along with the following prezi to develop and awareness of the basic elements of paragraph structure. I know you have done this before but it is important to do well. Think of each paragraph as a math problem that goes something like this 5=1+1+1+1 [YES 5! Because as Aristotle told us in writing the whole is greater than the sum of its parts]. The main idea and supporting details all come together in such a way that they generate a fairly complete idea. That idea will be added to the ideas of other paragraphs to generate another over-arching idea.

Please bring your book this week and check out the following prezi.

1. Main Ideas and Details

2. Topic and supporting sentences

In class writing

Developing willpower

The Marshmallow experiment:


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