Congratulations: Welcome to the Recession

Well Guys and Girls,

You have nearly completed one phase of your lives. For that, you should all be happy and perhaps also confused. I am here to share in both of those feelings with you, so feel free to reach out to me if you need anything before you go.

I just read this article saying that Japan is entering an economic depression. That’s not good for any economy, but it isn’t terribly bad for you all. When America entered it’s economic depression several years ago, financial advisors suggested that the best thing to do is to study.

Think of studying as an investment for your life. Even if you have to take out student loans, you will earn an average of 15% higher than individuals without a matching education. If the economy gets better while you’re gone, you will come back to stability and hopefully a nice career. If it remains poor, you will end up with more options than the usual Japanese citizen because of your multi-nationality. You can stay in America and get work experience or possibly return to Japan and find work anyway because of your education.

Worry is natural now, but the only thing you have to do is succeed at your own life. I know you all can do that.–finance.html


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