November Week 2: Our Final Classes

Eng 20: Please do not miss this class! This week we will try to complete this entire presentation as an overview of Brave New World for the final exam next week. Test questions will come from sections 3,4,5 in the prezi so please review them as needed. An essay question from chapters 15+16+17 will also be on the test.

Watch Mojo: Top Ten Notes you SHOULD know about Brave New World

This website may be helpful for those who are struggling to keep up with the reading

Here is a television version of Brave New World produced by the BBC. It may help to view at least the last 40 minutes of the film in order to prepare for the final.

A documentary film about Huxley and his work

Here is a short animation of the story “The Pedestrain” by Ray Bradbury. I am showing this film because Bradbury’s short story is set in a dystopian future not too different from our own.

Comm 7
Rhetoric in Pop Culture. We will view and analyze a number of documentaries this week for rhetorical themes. These activities are meant to prepare you for the final exam

This prezi will be directly applicable to your final exam:

Rhetoric used in Documentary

Example 1

Example 2
Consumerism Ideology

In class practice

English 10 We will talk about suitable majors and take the “Holland Type Test” in order to help guide you in the right direction.

This website has a wealth of resources to guide you in choosing a major or career field

Here is another with more specific information

Musical influence


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