November week 1

English 10: Choosing a major

This test is just for fun, but it may help you open your mind about possible majors

Here is a serious major/career quiz that seems to be pretty accurate

Here is my result

Social people make great teachers! They are great with people because they are open and friendly, and they care about others. They are cooperative, which makes them good in many programs and careers.

They may always be in the center of activity and they are likely to have lots of friends. They are interested in social issues, and they are likely to become politically active. They may use social skills to influence others.
Possible degree programs: Teaching, Ministry, Coaching, Counseling, Nursing, Political Science, Sociology, Anthropology, History, Journalism, Psychology.

Here is an article about choosing a major. See rule 4

Comm 7: Ideology, pop culture, and cultural analysi

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