Notes from students who have graduated

I graduated kifl a year ago and I work now to go abroad. Many students that i went to kifl together went to the states or somewhere to study what they want. Now I’m left all by myself in japan and I feel so much difficulties that makes me feel so stressed. When I open the FB or Instagram I see people taking pictures in the states. I kind of feel motivated but that’s one of my difficulties that I have to admit. When I work, I have to talk to people and I have to work weekdays. Going to work everyday just to make money is hard thing to do. Although i didn’t go abroad yet I study by myself but when I do I feel difficulty trying to study everyday. Also there are not so many english speaker in japan so keeping my english skill is one of my difficulties. So I regret that I didn’t talk in English everyday when I was in kifl. I should’ve used all of my great opportunities like kifl to make myself better. That’s a lot of money to go kifl and the states. Don’t waste it!

When I was in kifl I didn’t have so much confidence to speak up. After graduate I haven’t changed. That’s one of my weakness that I brought from kifl life because I didn’t try very hard. When I was working in the bar after graduate two old American man came in. I was so afraid to talk to them because one of them was so offensive from the first place. I was trying my very best to talk with them but I totally couldn’t catch what they said and one of them shouted suddenly “I hate japan!!!”

He was the most offensive old man I’ve ever encountered. I got more nervous but I tried and tried to talk with them and in the end the bar was filled with laughter. Confidence is what you want to show to people when you talk and I thought I could be more confident if I tried hard to speak up and got used to it. When I talk to English speaker at work or when going out I still feel kind of nervous because there aren’t so many opportunities to talk in Japan. You don’t talk to people in English everyday unless you’re in the states or somewhere. I should’ve talked a lot and used ELC? in kifl as much as I could. Whatever your friends say don’t be shy. Don’t try to comfort with negative people. Be different and try to believe in yourself.


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