Notes from students who have graduated

I graduated kifl a year ago and I work now to go abroad. Many students that i went to kifl together went to the states or somewhere to study what they want. Now I’m left all by myself in japan and I feel so much difficulties that makes me feel so stressed. When I open the FB or Instagram I see people taking pictures in the states. I kind of feel motivated but that’s one of my difficulties that I have to admit. When I work, I have to talk to people and I have to work weekdays. Going to work everyday just to make money is hard thing to do. Although i didn’t go abroad yet I study by myself but when I do I feel difficulty trying to study everyday. Also there are not so many english speaker in japan so keeping my english skill is one of my difficulties. So I regret that I didn’t talk in English everyday when I was in kifl. I should’ve used all of my great opportunities like kifl to make myself better. That’s a lot of money to go kifl and the states. Don’t waste it!

When I was in kifl I didn’t have so much confidence to speak up. After graduate I haven’t changed. That’s one of my weakness that I brought from kifl life because I didn’t try very hard. When I was working in the bar after graduate two old American man came in. I was so afraid to talk to them because one of them was so offensive from the first place. I was trying my very best to talk with them but I totally couldn’t catch what they said and one of them shouted suddenly “I hate japan!!!”

He was the most offensive old man I’ve ever encountered. I got more nervous but I tried and tried to talk with them and in the end the bar was filled with laughter. Confidence is what you want to show to people when you talk and I thought I could be more confident if I tried hard to speak up and got used to it. When I talk to English speaker at work or when going out I still feel kind of nervous because there aren’t so many opportunities to talk in Japan. You don’t talk to people in English everyday unless you’re in the states or somewhere. I should’ve talked a lot and used ELC? in kifl as much as I could. Whatever your friends say don’t be shy. Don’t try to comfort with negative people. Be different and try to believe in yourself.


October Week 5

In English 20 we will be viewing the animated film “Coraline” based on Neil Gaiman’s book of the same title. Using the film as the foundation of of a literary analysis you will be asked to collaborate with your colleagues in order to complete a series of questions regarding plot elements, symbolism, and a general reaction to the narrative. Please turn in your group’s completed exam by Friday 10/31. If you missed the exam please view the film on your own and complete the attached series of questions.

For those interested in further study, you will find a psychoanalytic interpretation of the film here

English 10 Class time will be dedicated to the creation of an argumentative essay either for or against the advice offered in Steve Jobs’ 2005 commencement speech. Please bring rough drafts to class so we can do a group edit of your work. An edited version of the paper will be submitted for a grade.

Initially we will focus on peer editing a review:

A criticism of the Steve Jobs approach

A rebuttal to that criticism

Communication 7 we will continue our work on understanding the ten fallacies covered in class. Later in the week I will evaluate your understanding in the form of an in class test covering various errors in reasoning.  You will find the Fallacy Quiz here. Please print it out and give it to me by Monday 11/03. I will not accept it after that date.


October Week 4

This week we will be reading Edgar Alan Poe’s, “Fall of the House of Usher”. Please bring the text to class. Here is the prezi

This is a British Library lecture on the notion of “The Gothic” in literature

We will also talk about the first half of “A Brave New World” and hopefully get everyone on the same page as far as their understanding of the book is concerned. You will be asked to complete the following anticipation guide regarding the themes of the text and hand it in by the last day of class.

Here are youtube links exploring some of the themes in the text


A prophetic speech from Huxley

Social Engineering

Social Conditioning

COMM 7 This week we will attempt to understand various approaches to fallacious arguments based on errors in reasoning.

3. Debate

A youtube playlist covering several of the major fallacies

ENG 10 Journal writing this week will be geared towards flash fiction horror stories. See below for examples and prezis.

Argumentative Essay Playlist

How to

October week 3

We did not meet for English 20 this week so please continue to focus your reading time on “A Brave New World”. We will discuss chapters 1-8 next week.

ENG 10: We will begin writing five paragraph argumentative essays regarding your position on Steve Jobs’ commencement address. See the prezi below for the exact assignment. View the video below to understand the critique of Jobs’ found in the second essay I gave you.

COMM 7: This week and next we will focus on the first episode of the incredible documentary “Century of Self” and use it as a guideline for understanding logical fallacies. Your next graded assignment will be in identifying the use of logical fallacies

CoS Episode 1 Happiness Machines

Fallacies 1.


Ideology and Pop Culture

The Witch Argument

October week 2

ENG 20: To kick off October we will be reading the short story “The Damned Thing” by Ambrose Bierce. Bierce was an author at the same time as one of my favorite madmen, H.P. Lovecraft. You can find out more about Lovecraft and listen to some terrific Horror podcasts here:

Here is the full audio of The Damned Thing (18 minutes). The selection is in natural English and is therefore a bit different from your text.

Prezi that covers the plot map of the story

ENG 10: This week we will do a bit of creative writing in honor of Halloween as well as look at a presentation about argumentative essays. Being able to compose an argument in favor of a researched opinion is perhaps one of the most valued skills for university students. Though I do not personally believe argument is always a necessity, it is the foundation of evaluating student learning in American universities.

Argumentative Essay

COMM 7: This week we will be finishing the presentation on Capitalism and Socialism, looking at the idea of fallacies in advertising, and examining the importance of ideology and popular culture.


Ideology and Pop Culture


TED talk on finding your life purpose.
Century of Self