September Week 3

ENG 20 Will will not have Literature class this week because of the holiday, so please be sure to finish the assignment from week two (Rule of Names questions 1-8) and read the first 3 chapters of “A Brave New World”

ENG10 This week we will be writing an APA formated response to Joss Whedon’s speech “Be all your selves”. The piece will be one handwritten page covering some of the questions at the end of the prezi below. Please include quotations, citations, and a reference list.

This prezi is a general overview of how to write a response to an article or other textual topic. This presentation will be valuable now and in any other courses you take that require response writing.

COMM7 This week you will present your own visual rhetoric pieces to a group (see assignment on yellow handout). We will also begin preparing for the first monthly grade, advertisment analysis. This is a group presentation detailed on the back of the yellow hand out sheet.

Example Rhetorical Analysis Project

Midterm Guidelines

Some inspiration for those of us who are stuggling through the heat and long days


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