September Week 2

English 20: The Rule of Names Homework Answer questions 1-8 on 176 I know this text is quite difficult, but this time we will go through it together. By 9/22 you need to be comfortable with the story. What is the rule of names? Who are the main characters? What is the climatic event in the story? We will be writing a graded summary of the story in class on 9/29.

This brief prezi is an outline of the skills necessary to become a good critical reader. Reading Skills: Here is a video about the purpose of literature from the excellent “Crash Course” youtube channel. Crash Course in Literature: Why do we read? If you thought this video was useful then be sure to look up topics from other classes on the site.

ENG 10 This week we will finish the prezi we began in our last session and begin our first reading of an article by Joss Whedon. You will be expected to analyze the themes of the article and write a response containing a summary and your own opinion of the work.

COMM7 We will begin looking at visual rhetoric and rhetoric in advertising this week. You will have two visual rhetoric assignments due this week .(Text Chapter 1 p 3-16)

1. Photo capture with caption. Tone and purpose 2. Photo Series. Message

Visual Rhetoric prezi

Identifying Premises and Conclusions

Example Comparison in Advertising


OWL Purdue introduction to visual rhetoric

Critical Reading and Writing in Rhetoric

Ethos/Pathos/Logos in Persuasion/Advertising/Writing

The Science of Persuasion


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