Introduction Integral Theory

Brief introduction to integral theory and holons

An overview of Ken Wilber, his works, life, and theory

Integral theory is a way of fitting together family systems theories and individualistic psychological theories into one complete way of understanding human development

Case Study 1
日本人イスラム教 指導者 (イマーム) – Only Japanese Imam in Tokyo

Case Study 2
密着24時!日本のネオナチ – A Japanese Neo-Nazi



Please begin class today by taking the following test and recording your results. Do you agree or disagree with the results of the test?

Meyer’s Briggs Personality Assessment

In English

In Japanese

Check your results at these websites. Pay special attention to career, strengths, and weaknesses.


Prezi on Carl Jung and others

ENG 20 American Transcendentalism

In this final unit of class we will explore American Transcendentalist philosophy in the work of Henry David Thoreau. Please read the chapter in “Walden” for class on the 26th/27th. The prezi is included below.



Transcendentalism Prezi

Guidelines and APA Workshop

The following prezi is an overview of APA rules and a very clear illustration of how to do citations in text.

The formating rules in this prezi are not of a particular style so please do not use them. However it is a good guide to the basic elements of writing research papers